This was the first and still is the only site in the world where you can watch a Trader, at his best, Live trading the FTSE100 in real-time. ( A copy-cat is sure to come along one day) I Trade every morning with full audio and visual in my Live online trading room. Please visit here (how it works page)   to see how it works


Try for a month and if my trades taken on my morning scalping service do not add up to a minimum of 4 X the cost of your monthly subscription fee then at your request I will happily refund you the monthly subscription fee.

For anyone that works fulltime but still wants to able to trade then there is a 2nd and again quite brilliant option shown in the how it works page.

There is nothing hidden David shares his trading screen with you. You can see his trading his charts and trading console and witness him opening and closing each and every position just as if you are physically in the room with him.

Video below on how to use my HFT Console

Video on Trade alert showing next trade via an on you screen Pop-Up Message with an Audible alert.