If you are an experienced trader then you will know that Day Trading is not glamorous and it can be very hard work. If you are new to trading then as with everything new, it is fun for a while. However to be successful you need to work at it. It is not easy and costs most people everything they can afford to lose and for some, a great deal more. You can read every available book on trading, try every different style of trading, try to use all or different types of technical analysis, use different sets of indicators to help you with entering and exiting trades, but if you are still losing money, then something is still clearly wrong.

Understanding the basics of the market and learning the obvious supports, resistances and moving averages, etc., can be achieved by anyone within a week. Learning when to enter and exit a trade within those parameters without going into a large loss first is the difficult part.

The obvious question for many would be: Why if you have a system that works, would you want to share it? One reason is simply that all my life, if I did not know the answer to something, then I would happily ask someone, and most were always happy to share their knowledge. The second and perhaps more important, yet also truthful reason, is that I am doing it for money. We all at some point want to try to put something back in to society. If what I did was free to everyone, then it would be abused. When people pay for something then they are generally willing to put in the time necessary to learn. So I decided that as I trade each day for a living, I could also help out others. This would give me both a feel good factor and make an additional income.

For day-trading, technical analysis and charts are essential and are available to everyone. It is how one interprets them that separates the winners from the losers. Only a bad workman blames his tools. When you are daytrading if you cannot find the immediate direction you will lose. We all have the same indicators available to us but if you don’t know how to react to what they are telling you then they are of no use at all. I can show you how to find the right direction by actually trading live with you. If you lose, I lose. I can show exactly how everything works and how to interpret things just as I do, on my courses.. The advantage to trading in a group ( a successful group ) is that if for a moment you start to slip back in to old ways and start losing due to old habits dying hard, the group will support you as they have all been there before.

Now pose the question: Why would you not take advantage of something that claims it can consistently make money trading and will give you your subscription fee back if it cannot produce the goods? On that note, I would like to welcome you to FTSE100PRO.com and wish you every success as either a day-trader or investor. Simply choose the subscription that fits you best. Some members subscribe to both and trade two separate accounts.

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