How much does my course cost?

The introduction video was a one off special that was never repeated. The price is £2500.


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Well at last! You have finally found someone who can take a course and actually walk the talk for you too. I will literally make money from the markets LIVE in front of your eyes using purely what I have just taught you.

I think you can answer that yourself, i 99% of the rest are simply selling you information that you can read out of a text book or find free on the internet and perhaps if you’re really lucky, maybe some of the better ones will throw in some info’ that isn’t quite so widely known. But you shouldn’t you be asking yourself? Can any of them actually trade and make money from what they teaching you? I think we can safely say that at least 97% of them cannot.

So what can you expect to learn from me?

You will be learning clear and concise first hand knowledge direct from a seasoned Day-Trader on how to consistently make money from the markets.  I will show you how to set everything up from the moment you turn on your computer. I have purposely kept everything as simplistic as I possibly can so that anyone will able to understand it. Even if you have spent 10 years plus full time as in investor or day-trader you will be amazed how within just an hour or so with me you will have have learnt how it is possible to place consistently correct trades throughout the day, EVERYDAY and after a little practise you will be amazed how simple it is to makes 100’s of points a day. I do it everyday and offer free peeks to my live trading room to prove it too.

I will show you precisely what I look for when making trades and precisely where each exit will be for every position opened. There is none of this nonsense of opening  trade and hoping with a trailing stop. Every single trade has a planned entry and always a pre-determined exit.

Once the theory part of the course is finished it is important you ask questions on any parts you may be unsure about. Once I feel sure you understand everything, only then will I put everything into practice. I will run through everything with you as I place the trades, so that you clearly see, that what I have just taught you in theory, really does work in reality.

Let me make it quite clear.

1) I have no intention of trying to dress things up such as holding my seminar in opulent surroundings in order to try to fool you into believing you are getting something more for your money , than you really are.

2) I will NOT be making it into a social occasion, despite how appealing that may be for both you and I by providing you with good food and good wine. That will just cost you more money.

3) I will not be sending you lots of unnecessary downloads and bumf to forever wade through.

4) However, I will be sharing some magic with you on how to trade. Something is only magic until you learn how to do it. It is still magic to the majority of people just no longer to you. BTW  The best magic tricks are always the most simple.

So what is this type of trading?

Well it’s a little inbetween scalping and day trading. Every good trader knows you can make quick money during very high volitilty and this is generally how my system trades make money in my early morning sessions but when most others really don’t know how to trade is when it is trading sideways in tight ranges. This course will show you that it is during this time, when you can make the most money. This is what sets the difference between the amateurs and the Pros’.

How can you attend?

Please select one of the dates below and click on the “Buy Now” icon. Once you have paid you will be immediately redirected to the registration page ( please check for the redirection page) where you receive your personal log-in code ( unique to you) for access to the live webinar / conference.

I hold the course online via the best software available today for LIVE conferences/webinars. I share my screen and trading platform in real-time which you will be able to see clearly on your own monitor. You will be able to hear everything with full clarity as if I am in the room with you. The advantage of holding it online is that you can attend it from anywhere in the world without any additional costs to you.

Course Starting Tuesday August 15th 2017

The course starts at 8am sharp (UK time)
and can continue into the afternoon.

The finishing time depends on the price action of the day
and the number of attendee’s questions and answers.

Please look for the registration page after payment. PayPal should redirect you automatically.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,





It is understood and agreed by all course attendees that the information contained in this course is for private use only. If anyone takes this course with the intention of replicating it and actually moves on to teaching it as their’s or part of their own or if shares the information of this course either for free or for commercial gain they understand and agree that they will be liable to pay large amounts in compensation and are aware that they would have to pay this compensation  either this year or many years down the line. Under no circumstances is the course to be recorded and every attendee attending the course is aware of this and agrees to this.