You will have 24/7 access to your own portal to check your sales, traffic, balances and to see how your banners are performing. To become an affiliate please use this link

Hi Folks, David pays all affiliates £50 per month (20% of the subscription fee) for each and every introduction you make for so long as the person introduced remains a member.

No selling is required. You merely need to persuade or allow a trader click on your link or banner who then takes a free peek and we do the rest. Note this; 96% of existing traders that take a free peek at one of David’s live trading sessions become a member. The links, banners and QR codes are provided for you free of charge and can be accessed by logging in to your own portal.

The reason why the success rate is so amazing at 96%, is because David’s service is 2nd to none on this planet. We believe anyone can find 100 new members within 6 months if they really focus during this time and try their best to get any type of trader whether they trade forex or gold to simply take a free peek at one of  David’s live trading sessions. 100 members equates to a nice extra income for you of £2,500 a month. If you turned this into a business then 1000 is very possible indeed giving you £25,000 a month ( £300K a year) merely from getting people to take a free peek. This is probably one the easiest and best businesses you will ever come across.

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