Who do you use to trade with?

I continually move to who I believe to be the best to trade with at the time. I am now trading through www.davidjamesmarkets.com  and the best part of moving to them is that they actually pay you a 10% commission on all your trades. If you don’t open one through them then you get nothing.

No it is not. Ftse100Pro is NOT a financial advisory service, it simply allows you too see a professional trader at work and the courses are there to show how it is done. All trades made by subscribers are done so at their own discretion and in no way hold FTSE100pro.com responsible for any losses they may occur through trading CFD’s or spreadbetting.

Everyone is allowed and encouraged to take a free peek to see what they are subscribing to first ( a try before buy Free Peek ).Once subscribed the subscription is for one calendar month and starts from the day you join. The minimum is for one whole calendar month. The subscription is automatically renewed each month but you are free to cancel your future monthly subscriptions any time you please. You are not tied in for any longer than the month that you have paid for.

Yes, trading is based on a 48 week year. I take 2 weeks holiday in July and the difference during the year. Refunds for the holiday period are not given for existing members. However if you joined during the same month of the Holiday period then you would be refunded the difference.

I use both virtual and Real accounts. Before when I used just the one account I ended up mixing my extra personal trades with the system trades making it impossible to keep track of which was which. So I now keep track of all system trades on a virtual account.

No. If any member shares my trades with anyone, whether via the internet or any other means, then they may be prosecuted and be liable to pay one month’s subscription for each and every person that may have read the information and again for each and every month that the member may have shared new information or trades in any given new month. The information given is for paying members only.

In the event you find for some reason that you cannot attend the course then you will be allocated a place on a future course or if you wish you can even have someone else to attend the course on your behalf. Unfortunately we do offer refunds after payment has been made for a course.

If during your first month my trades do not add up to a minimum of 5 times the cost of your subscription fee and you request a refund from me then I WILL refund you. Please note that this is based on my trades witnessed and shown on my webinars and not anyone else’s trades.

Despite my intentions to trade Live online for just 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday I more often than not end up trading Fridays too.