You have a choice of two options:

Option 1.  is the cheapest option and aimed more for people that are very busy or work full-time.

You receive David’s High Frequency Trading Console (this alone saves you approximately £20,000 a year to keep online)  This Amazing piece of trading Software also gives you a Trade alert Message pop-up on your computer screen with an audible alert saying something along the lines of:-  I will be buying at 6105 or anywhere below for +10 points or more with an exit target at 6115 (it will be more than +10 points if you were to buy below 6105).  Then if you too wish to take the trade, all you have to do then is type this exit target into the trading console and click buy or sell to target. Everything else will already be preset. Plus for those who spend little or no time at their computers or for anyone that may be travelling and away from their desk, you also receive a Trade alert on your Mobile. You can set your own ringtone for this alert so that you know it will be a trade alert that has arrived when you hear it. This means that you will never miss a trade and it takes just seconds to enter the trade online via your phone if you so wish.

You get 7 days to test everything first for just £25. This fee is purely to cover the time my secretary spends with you setting everything up. If after you can see how every works and the results were as expected you choose whether to continue for a £125 a month subscription or not. It is a simple as that. Please note that the pop-up message alert is only available to you for the 7 days trial as this is only for premium members before and after the premium sessions have finished for the day.

Please use the Subscribe button below for the Trade alert service

£125 per month.

The smallest traders tend to use  £1-10 per point and larger accounts £10-100 per point. 

Option2:  is for traders with experience although anyone can soon understand everything.

You receive all of the above plus below you receive full access to my Live Trading Room and real-time Scalping sessions as well as access to the Premium members’ chatroom. Please make sure you take advantage of a free session first as proof to yourself that David really can walk the talk every single day.  Once you have logged in you can hear his Live commentary. You will be able to see his computer screen just as if you are looking over my shoulder.  He shows and shares his trades giving you his entries and exit targets in advance, all in real time. This is much faster and much more profitable.


If my trades taken on my trading account do not add up to 4 X the cost of the monthly subscription fee each month then you may request a refund and I will happily refund you.  For those subscribing to another option (not my scalping service) you get one week to test everything first before paying the full subscription.

Come watch me walk the talk every single day.

There is a great deal to learn day-trading and some things very few ever get to learn. I will give you that information on my courses which you would otherwise never learn. If you would like a free sneak peek to a live trading session then simply send me a quick email using the contact page or text my secretary directly using Skype @ secretaryftse100pro

Hopefully see you soon.


To subscribe to David’s Live Trading Sessions, simply click below.
£250 per month

The Trading Session opens at 7:30am (UK time) and more often that not more than enough money is made by 8:05am However, even after the Live Trading Session is finished, I still provide extra targets through out the day and sometimes stay all morning if it is what I call a free money day. Here we can and do make 1000’s of points a day but we use approx. 10% of the size of the Trade alert positions.