If my trades taken on my trading account during your first month do not add up to 4 X the cost of the monthly subscription fee then you may request a refund and I will happily refund you.  For those subscribing to another option (not my scalping service) you get one week to test everything first before paying the full subscription.

You have a choice of two options:

Option 1. The premium subscription

  1. You receive  full access to David’s Live Trading Room and real-time Scalping sessions

2) You are given  access to the Premium members’ chatroom.

3) You  receive David’s High Frequency Trading Console (this alone saves you approximately £20,000 a year to keep online)

4) When the quick early morning trades are over you still receive directly on your computer screen trades throughout the day via an onscreen message pop-up which includes an audible alert in case you are away from your computer.  The message will be something along the lines of:-  I will be buying at 6105 or anywhere below for +10 points or more with an exit target at 6115 (it will be more than +10 points if you were to buy below 6105). See the 2nd video below showing a message pop-up trade. Then if you too wish to take the trade, all you have to do,  is type this exit target into the trading console and click buy or sell to (TGT) target. Everything else will already be preset.

Option2:  is designed for investors who may work full-time or are simply too busy for trading throughout the day.

It is very simple indeed. You are sent the entry and exit and even the trade size and stop directly to your mobile phone and or computer via WhatsApp. If you don’t know what WhatsApp is, it is far better than a mobile test message because the trade will have it’s own sound alert and it will appear on your phone screen even when it is in sleep mode to be sure you get the trade rather than have to pour through s bunch or text messages. It is instant messaging that you can receive on your computer too.

To Subscribe to the WhatsApp Trade alerts please use the link below

 250 per month



Come watch me walk the talk every single day.

There is a great deal to learn day-trading and some things very few ever get to learn. I will give you that information on my courses which you would otherwise never learn. If you would like a free sneak peek to a live trading session then simply send me a quick email using the contact page or text my secretary directly using Skype @ secretaryftse100pro

Hopefully see you soon.