There are two options to Choose from.

Option 1 is a subscription to David’s Live High Frequency Trading Sessions. 

Just as should have already seen when you took a trial sneak peek ( if you haven’t then request one now)   I hold scalping sessions which although are more suitable for semi professionals it is where anyone that has taken one of my courses will definitely end up and vice-versa, yet is simple enough for new traders to follow too.


To subscribe for Premium membership please click below.
£250 per month

Option 2

The Trade Alert that is suited for everyone.

This option is for people that have little free time or work fulltime but would still like to be able to trade. This Trade alert makes the markets accessible to everyone. All they need is their mobile phone.

WhatsApp Trade Alert

You receive an instant text message on your phone and or computer via WhatsApp that also gives you an audible alert on your mobile phone for which you can set your preferred notification sound. You can then if you wish, place the trade on your computer or if for example you are in a meeting then you can place the trade in a matter of seconds using your mobile phone. You need never miss a trade again.

To Subscribe to the WhatsApp Trade alerts please use the link below

£250 a month