There are two options to Choose from.

Option 1 is a subscription to David’s Live High Frequency Trading Sessions. 

Just as should have already seen when you took a trial sneak peek ( if you haven’t then request one now)   I hold scalping sessions which although are more suitable for semi professionals it is where anyone that has taken one of my courses will definitely end up and vice-versa, yet is simple enough for new traders to follow too. I don’t normally trade later than 11AM.


To subscribe for Premium membership please click below.
£250 per month

The Premium membership includes everything from the Trade Alert Subscription along with full access to David’s HFT Scalping Sessions, access to the Members Chat Forum plus an extra audible alert and message pop-up on your computer screen for the next scalping target once the early morning trading session has finished.

Option 2

The Trade Alert that is suited for everyone.

This option is for people that have little free time or work fulltime but would still like to be able to trade. This Trade alert makes the markets accessible to everyone. All they need is their mobile phone.
Test everything for 7 days first and once you have seen the results you will want to sign up for the monthly subscription. In order to purely cover the costs of my secretary’s time spent setting everything up for you there is a fee of £25.  Most larger traders will make £1000 on the first trade of the day on Monday morning so to even mention the admin fee is all a bit silly really but everything needs to be clear.

Take a look at the two videos below. They explain how easy everything is.

Message pop-up for Trade alert.   

You  receive David’s Trading Console but this version has the benefit of a Trade alert, whereby a Message pops-up on your computer screen along with an audible alert with the message saying something along the lines of:- I will be buying at 6105 or anywhere below for +10 points or more with an exit target at 6115 (it will be more than +10 points if you were to buy below 6105). If you too wish to take the trade, all you have to do then is type this exit target into the trading console and click buy or sell to target. Everything else will already be preset. For anyone with access to a computer this the perfect option. Please note that the pop-message alert is only available to you for the 7 days trial as this is only for premium members before and after the premium sessions have finished for the day.

Mobile Trade Alert
You receive an instant text message on your phone via WhatsApp which is explained when you join-up which gives an audible alert on your mobile phone for which you can set your preferred notification sound so that you know when you hear that sound, you have just received a trade alert. You can then go to your computer and place the trade or if for example you are in a meeting then you can place the trade in a matter of seconds on your mobile phone. You need never miss a trade again.

To Subscribe to the WhatsApp Trade alerts please use the link below

£125 per month