This was the first and still is the only site in the world where you can watch a Trader, at the top of his game, Live trading the FTSE100 in real-time with full audio and visual in David’s Live online trading room.


If at the end of any given month (the month starts from the day you join) my trades do not make considerably more than the cost of the subscription even if trading with just 5 pounds per whole point then you need only request a refund and I will happily refund you the subscription fee for that month. Who could ever be fairer than that? PLUS your first week is free with no requirement to pay anything after.

You have choice between my high frequency trading subscription or for those with little time on their hands you can sign up to start receiving my Trade-alerts directly to your mobile phone and/or computer. The alert gives you my entry price, the trade size thus risk and perhaps most importantly the exact exit price for every single trade. See here for the results page. Obviously it is your choice if you wish to copy it and or take lower or higher risk, I merely share my trades and you decide what to do with this information.

High Frequency Trading Console

Scalp trade Alert

Video on Trade alert showing next trade via an on you screen Pop-Up Message with an Audible alert.