This was the first and still is the best website in the world where a Trader, at the top of his game shares his trades taken solely on the FTSE100 index with the public in real-time. Log-in to your own trading portal from your computer or phone in order to receive a sound alert prior to the arrival of the next buy or sell trading target.



If a losing trade occurs (it will be so rare) and you feel that you didn’t make enough that month then you need only request a refund and I will happily refund you the subscription fee for that month. Who could ever be fairer than that? PLUS your first week is free with no requirement to pay anything after.

Until the new software is released this just for scalping and /or day trades. You simply log in to own dashboard and you will receive an audible alert in advance every time a new trading target arrives either on your computer or your mobile phone. There are many different ways you can trade them as shown in the video below. Once you register you will also receive the rules on how it works and rules for stoploss etc. for every trade that you take. Obviously it is your choice if you wish to copy it and or a take lower or higher risk, I merely share my trades and you decide what to do with this information.


What do you need to do next?


Please just use the following link to register https://tradealert.ftse100pro.com/register.php for your free one week trial. Remember that you are under no obligation to pay anything unless you wish to continue beyond the 7 days trial period yet you and can cancel anytime you please before then. If you decide to join and start paying, the month starts from the day you start paying. If you cancel any time after that, you still have access for one month from the day you made your last payment.