This was the first and still is the best website in the world where a Trader, at the top of his game shares his trades taken solely on the FTSE100 index with the public in real-time. Log-in to your own trading portal from your computer or phone in order to receive a sound alert prior to the arrival of the next buy or sell trading target. A Chart is also included to keep track of the prices in real-time.



So a free week to try before you buy and only AFTER you have witnessed a win rate of over 99% from my trading targets should you decide if you want to subscribe and have them sent to your phone or computer everyday or not and if it is truly an over 99% win rate which I promise you it still is at the point of this statement being published (last updated September 26th 2019…………nobody knows for sure what the future may hold) then why would anyone including yourself not want to continue?

The trading targets given are in between scalping targets and day trading targets. If you are a day trader then you simply wait for the price to move more than just 2 or 3 points whereas if you prefer to scalp you will probably reduce your position size and open more positions opening and closing very quickly.  Once you sign up for your free week’s trial you will also receive the rules on how it works and rules for stop-loss etc. for every trade that you take. Obviously it is your choice if you wish to copy it and or a take lower or higher risk, I merely share my trades and you decide what it is you wish to do with this information.

Please use the following link to register https://tradealert.ftse100pro.com/register.php for your free one week trial. If you decide to subscribe after your trial (who would not want to receive 100% successful trades every day) then the month starts from the day you start paying. If you cancel any time after that, you will still have access for one month from the day you made your last payment.

How to trade to target

List of all my Trading Targets Starting January 2019 and how to trade with good money management